Wednesday, February 28, 2007

...When Love was right!!...

I feel all alone babe'
I've lost my sky
Clouds are dark and thick
And my love is blind
I feel so alone
That I could die

What went wrong?
When love was right?

The feel of your nearness
I miss all day and night
The touch of your hand
The smell of your breathe
The warmth of your hug
and the taste of your kiss
Ou so much I miss
You were my dream
You were my life

I don't know what went wrong
When love was right

Honey I need to talk to you
And listen your voice
Say that I love you, only you
As many times
You made me believe
that you were my man
and You would love me forever
In all the ways you can
See now I look so stupid and fool
Can't stop myself from missing you
You took away my heart
and tore it apart
Bleeding now and then
Ou it pains so deep
My soul is bruised
And there ain't any medicine

What went wrong ?
When love was right.

A year has passed away
but the wound is still so fresh
and those memories of those beautiful days
when everything seemed so perfect
July rain was romantic
And autumn air the same
December was so warm around your arm
Summer almost took away my breathe
Those memories dear, now haunts me
wherever I stroll, whenever I am alone
A question then unanswered
still lingers and pierce my thoughts

Tell me what went wrong?
When love was so right.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


My love remained unrevealed
A Poem;
Imagined, never created.
An arrow;
Arched never shot
A song;
Hummed, never sung

My love, remained undiscovered
A treasure;
You never cared to find out
A beauty;
You never cared to praise
A feeling;
You never cared to understand

My love remained isolated
An answer;
To the question unasked
A shore;
To the boat never sailed
A quench;
To the thirst unborn.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What is Love? !!!!

I asked tears, “What is love?”
It cried and complained, “Love is pain”.

I asked joys, “What is love?”
It smiled and confessed, “Love is happiness”.

I asked songs, “What is love?”
It sang and explained, “Love is music”.

I asked faith, “What is love?”
It honestly admitted, “Love is trust”.

I asked time, “What is love?”
It moved on and insisted, “Love is eternity”.

I asked my heart, “What is love?”
It revealed the truth, “Love is You”

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Eternal Passion

My voice gets numb
I'll have no more
sweet words to tell
No more glory of youth
No more flowers as such, to share
Will you love me then?
Just the way you do now
Will you feel my every pain, then?

My eyes surround
With wrinkles around
And, I remain
No more a young, beautiful lady
You get to know
I'm no more a fresh flower
Will you love me then?
Just the way you do now
Will you care for me then?

I can dance no more
With you in the monsoon rain
Nor can I be a nightingale
Just to relieve your pain
But you feel delight
To know I'm there
Living Within you as your soul
And my love hasn't faded
Along the fading years of age
Will you care for me then?
Just the way you do now?

Letter to Mr. Crush ( Revealing the HEART BEAT)


I simply, don’t know from where to begin? But I know I have to and I express it this way…
I had been holding myself very still, holding a door shut, muting the music of my heart. I could never voice my feelings…

.... why was it so that my heart swelled with joy when you glanced smiling in my direction? How can a rhythm of a stride, sight in the doorway, soft humming voice cause the tides of a heart to ebb and to flow?

“Whose strides are these?
Whose is this music?
Who is calling me from million miles apart?
Oh! Who is this knocking at door of my heart? “

I’ve tried to convince myself, its an illusion. I must be imagining a feeling that does not exist. But, yes, I cannot deny, there has not been a moment when my heart has not whispered of your thoughts. It is as though, your every single move have cast a spell on me. My lips open for no word because my mind floats in your deep thoughts, and eyes are always dreaming of you.

“You are a companion
In my solitude
You are a paradise
Of this deserted life
You are an explanation
To my anonymous emotion
You are a blessing
To my only devotion “

This feeling is spontaneous. It has started never to stop. I don’t know what it is and why is it flowing in me? After my infinite trials, I’ve finally come to a conclusion. “I m in love”. Yes, world has named this feeling as love. Ah! How sweet is this word “love”.
…But, I fear, is this one sided amour? Does my love hold any significance for you? Do I exist in any part of your life? Do you even give a thought for me?

“You never tried to measure depth of my feelings
You never tried to listen Voice of my heart
You never tried to read Words for you in my eyes
You never tried to know There was a truth, in my every lies.”

I cannot seem to shake off this restless feelings………………..


Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Thinking of You...........

That shy smile on your face
Urges me to think…
…m' thinking of you
That quiet look from your eyes
Forces me to think….
….and I'm thinking of you

Some silly reasons you make
To meet …babe' I can figure it out
These stupid reasons
Begs me to think…
….and I'm thinking of you

Last time when we were
Out in the rain
I could see the glitter in your eyes
That made me smile
Since then…I've been thinking of you

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Beat Less

Loaded with questions, for long unanswered
And Hefty moments, for long unforgotten
Crushed to the core, shattered with dreams
And a poisonous needle, piercing every now and then
My heart is breathless, my heart is beat less
Yet pounding with heavy silent sound

Vacant like a drum, thunder with storm
And a flower in a flower vase
Mourning for being early in its grave
And the touch of trespassers by
Makes it want to cry, an unheard cry
My heart is over fed, with heartache
And tainted with stained memories

My heart is breathless, my heart is beat less
Tainted with stained memories

Tumbled over and over, I'm losing control
You've done enough, played your role
In a story, written by you, and a drama self directed
What have you done? See what have you done?
Your makeup is gone, forever gone
And now I stand alone on the stage,
Waiting for you to come
My heart is shivered, turned into icy lane
And lingering for these ices to break

My heart is over fed, with heartache
My heart is breathless, my heart is beat less